About Us


Our Approach

The right blend of IT Professionals can be a powerful thing. We have invested the time putting together a team with compatible personalities and IT knowledge. We believe these are what builds a successful  foundation and our customers notice the extra value they receive during their experience with us. Our team goes out of their way to make sure customers are taken care of. It's the satisfaction we get fixing your technology and seeing your smile. We also know you have a lot to do in a days time and it's really not that interesting to read through all the technical jargon most IT companies thrive on. Here at NW3 Technology, we talk to you like a real human, explain what's going on, and provide solutions. We also keep our site simple and easy to navigate for people on the go. For service, just click on 'Schedule Now'  - pick a date/time and submit!

Meet the Founder

I really enjoy hanging out with our team. They might be a little obsessive over technology, but I'm okay with that. When you're doing what you love, and around good people, nothing get's better than that. We also have some amazing customers. Hearing their stories and seeing how they operate is one of the highlights of my day. When things are done right and with the customer in mind, there's always a good outcome!


Nicholas Weir

Founder & CEO