Data Cable Management – Small – Med Business


Professional Cable Management 

Every business wants to run efficiently and keep organized. Presentation is a key factor for businesses seeking to obtain new clients. A messy server room, or loosely hanging cables though-out the office space isn't just sore on the eyes, but present a hazard. Improper cabling can also cause interference between power and data. NW3 has the solutions and the professionals ready to clean up your messy server room, or wire/rewire a building. Whatever it may be, NW3 will leave a professional, efficient, clean space. We test, label, and confirm all lines tested. A clean server room also saves a technicians time when having to troubleshoot, decommission or setup new gear.

Our Services Include:

Data Cabling
Design of Data Communications Cabling Infrastructure
Installation of Category 5e, 6, 6E and 10G cabling
Structured Wire installations
Relocation and Upgrades
Telephone Jacks, Cable Outlets Installation and Repair
Installation of Network Backbone Cabling
Moves, Adds, and Changes
Equipment Rooms – MDF/IDF

Data Center Cabling
Design of MDF/IDF for Telecom and Computer Systems
Installation of Network Equipment Racks and Cabinets/Enclosures
Installation of cable management systems; both horizontal & vertical wire management
Professional Wire Management
Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optics Cabling and Termination
Unicam Fiber Optic Connectors
Single Mode Fiber Optics
Multi Mode Fiber Optics
Fiber SC Connectors
Fiber LC Connectors

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