Startup Support – Small Business


Are you a Start Up?

If your business is just starting, you want to establish a relationship with an IT team that understands your business needs and builds the right level of confidence with you. In the next section we go over the basics your business needs in order to stay relevant in the market place.  You will have plenty of data and confidential information that must be protected. We are huge supporters for startup business here in Houston and have options designed just for you!

Protecting Operations

End users are at the heart and front-line of almost all businesses. The devices they use on a daily basis need to run efficiently to maximize ROI.  Just like a car or any other machine, there are several moving parts that eventually need to be tuned and require routine maintenance. To protect operations we recommend routine desktop maintenance. Our team is ready to deploy and perform these tasks:

  • Virus Prevention, Response, Quarantine & Removal
  • Routine Patching
  • Email Setup/Outlook Support Application Support
  • OS installations & Upgrades
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Performance Issues
  • Data Migrations & Sync
  • Computer troubleshooting, configure, setup, install

We suggest having a professional Computer Support Technician monitor and keep all your devices running at top performance. This ensures your machines stay active, healthy and last longer. The end result - you keep more money in your pocket and less wasted spending. Our Desktop Support Specialists are trained to identify and routinely check for symptoms before they interrupt production. When you have a professional Computer Desktop Technician on your side, it makes a world of difference in speed, reliability, compromised data, and efficient computer experience. Our trained professional Network Engineers carry a high degree of knowledge and expertise that puts you in good and secure hands. Our team, both Desktop Support Technicians and Network Engineers work together and get the results needed to complete any IT related issue quickly. We dispatch our techs onsite for computer repair in Houston, computer repair in the Woodlands, we can dispatch anywhere in our 25 mile service area. If you need assistance remotely, call us and we can provide desktop support. This isn't restricted to the Houston area, the remote assistance is provided to anyone and anywhere who has a connection to the internet.

Q:  Are there services that I might not need or use attached to your standard packages?   

A: Nope. We don't have standard packages. We include services that have value to your business and work within your budget. After all you're just getting started. We want to be there through your success.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?   

A: Not at all, we have options for all preferences. Pay As You Go, Monthly re-occurring for customized services, block times (Support on Demand), or Fully Managed IT Support.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Do get started, click on the blue button on the bottom of your screen labeled 'Contact' and schedule an appointment with us. We will do an assessment of your network and provide you with the recommendations you might find most useful.