VoIP Phone Support

Why haven't you upgraded yet?

If you're not using business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you are wasting hard earned money for a service that doesn't compare to what a VoIP Phone solution has to offer. This is a phone system that has everything you need for your business. These phones run over your existing  high-speed internet connection and improve telecommunications overall quality and experience. VoIP comes with several advantages over a traditional phone system. A great call feature can be utilized which allows calls to be made from the same number, whether you are in the office or out of state. This allows more freedom and restriction from sitting in your office. You can also forward calls to your mobile device to receive calls as if you were in the office. We have several models to choose from. We have basic models all the way up to touchscreen-fully colored monitors. If you don't already have this service already, please give us a call or request an appointment so we can get you switched over and start the savings – Today! 

If you already have VoIP, we understand your frustrations trying to setup or configure them. It can be a tricky device if you're not well trained on how to configure and setup one. If you experience poor quality in service such as static, calls dropping then you need to have a professional look into your issue. NW3 Techonology has mobile techs throughout Houston and we're ready to serve you. Just call to schedule an appointment or click on the blue 'Contact' button on the bottom of your screen. From there you can schedule for faster service. 

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Utilizing a VoIP solution is a 'no brainer'. It's a cost saving, flexible, and multi-function device everybody can benefit from.